things that currently bother me.

  • My clothes. Nothing fits right. Today I spent a while trying to decide on what to wear, I was in rush, and I hate being rushed—so I just slipped my shorts on without even undoing the button. And, while this is great, the looseness (is that even a word) just leads me to looking bigger than I am, and I can’t help but feel like I haven’t changed at all. I do look better naked than in clothes, though, so that’s good.
  • My “look.” I was never the girly girl type, but I loved dressing up and looking nice—and I still do, but now it’s such a hassle. I used to do my hair like everyday, pick out the best clothes, put some make-up on, but now I’m just like meh. Give me some work-out clothes, some dri-fit shorts, put my hair up in a bun, and I’m out the door. If I wear make-up it’s just a measly bit of mascara. Lol, what’s going on? 
  • My attitude. I’ve just been so down lately, I don’t know why. And, on top of that, for 2 days straight I’ve woken up so fatigued—my shoulders, knees, and neck. No, it’s not soreness, it’s not pain. I just started feeling so tired all of a sudden. And, this leads me to avoid working out—which I haven’t for two days :(

And to sum it up in a gif,