my progress through dirty college mirrors


The first picture on the bottom was me at my highest weight, attractive I know, around the end of my first year of college. I decided I wanted to lose 20-30 pounds—I had to lose it, I really don’t know what I was on lol. I did have some unhealthy tendencies, at first, but after self-educating myself about nutrition, and the such, I ended up losing only 10 pounds—and that was enough! Then, *drumroll, please* not so long ago, I started to lift weights, along with some bodyweight training and I’ve been completely smitten with both. This is my progress so far…

P.S.—I don’t have access to a gym as a result of being a broke college student, but I do have some dumbbells lying around, so I do with what I have ;) Also, that picture of my back really made me happy, I was like :O!