ONE week of eating clean, lifting, and cardio :) yaay

this picture makes me smile :D! April 1st-May 20th progress, I started Insanity April 22, and I just finished the first month! Bring on month two! Also, excuse the dirty mirrors :)

not too confident about putting this up here. I think it has definitely come time for a progress picture—this is moi. I’m 5’6, in the before I was at around 170, roughly, and now I’m at around 158-160, since I’ve given up weighing myself because the scale and I have a hostile relationship. This is now how I’m tracking my progress :)

My boobies were all juicy before can’t ya see?! And now they’re all itty bitty, I chose to cover them :/

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Every time I see a before and after,

In the “after” picture, the girl always looks great, and looks to be at a healthy weight range. Yet, there’s always—always—that “I still want to lose some more weight though,” or “just five more pounds.” After seeing this time, and time again it’s really really starting to bother me because these girls look fine the way they are. I guess it has to do with their own body image, and the fact that they may have thought that losing weight may make them happier. If you don’t love your body before the weight loss, what makes you think you’ll love it after?

If you’re trying to reach a goal, just remember, you’re a day closer than you were yesterday. You’ve come this far, don’t give up!

it’s all in the little things, think positive, you’ll get there!