Convo with a friend I haven’t talked to for a while, lol.

What do you know about broccoli bouquets? ;)

Broccoli, chicken, and brown rice stir fry for dinner :)

Thank you guys for the brown rice help, I got it down this time :) this is dinner (kinda burned the chicken) but I haven’t mastered perfect cooking jut yet, it was still delicious I had to get some more :)

One of the most delicious concoctions I have ever made: sautéed broccoli, tomato, and chicken breast with a sprinkle of cheese all on wheat bread with avocado spread. Delicious is an understatement!

Dinner, broccoli, tomato, and onion mixed with eggs, and corn on the cob. My house is lacking in the healthy food department :/

lunch/dinner-ish, I made this sorta, while my family was eating McDonalds, I have to say I’m pretty proud. It’s grilled chicken, broccoli, corn, and some leftover rice with water. It was yummy! My fam was looking at me so weird though, lol.