Broccoli, chicken, and brown rice stir fry for dinner :)

Thank you guys for the brown rice help, I got it down this time :) this is dinner (kinda burned the chicken) but I haven’t mastered perfect cooking jut yet, it was still delicious I had to get some more :)

anyone know how to perfect brown rice?

Whenever, I make brown rice it’s either a hit or miss—I either make great, not too sticky, not too dry rice, which only happened the first time I tried cooking rice, OR I make this horrible super sticky, wet, rice goo, which has happened consecutively time after time :/. I stand over it like a mother watching her newborn sleep, and it STILL comes out like a yucky goo, maybe I use too much water? Brown rice is basically the only thing that makes me look forward to dinner, besides awesome protein, and now I can’t even make a simple cup of freaking rice. Any help will be much appreciated..

Dinner, brown rice, beef, broccoli, and mixed veggies. I don’t know how healthy beef is but little bits every now and then shouldn’t hurt.

recent convo with cuz

  • (mom has made white rice, he's currently serving himself, then looks at me)
  • Him: What are you making?
  • Me: Brown rice.
  • Him: Woah!
  • Him: Woah, woah...excuse me!
  • Him: Excuse me, miss diet!!

making brown rice tonight?

and my mom tells me it’s not the most appetizing dish ever. Is it any good?