I’ve only eaten roughly about 500 calories today,

and I’m freaking out because I’m not starving (I love food), and I’ve skipped my meals, not purposely, but I don’t even have an appetite. What is going onnnn? Brb, about to force feed myself—glamorously, of course.

i love the fact that I don’t count calories.

2 weeks ago, I would’ve said the exact opposite, and two weeks ago…I gained a pound. I was obsessed with the number, and if my intake wasn’t as low as I wanted it to be it would ruin my entire day. That’s not the case now. I stopped counting calories, yes! And, guess what? I actually ended up losing 2.5 pounds that week I started. Of course, I changed my work-out regimen, as I started Insanity, but still, I’m not obsessing over this number any more, I feel free. At this point, I know what’s healthy for me, and I know what’s bad for me, I know around how much food I’m supposed to eat in a day. And if I get hungry, I’m not going to sit there and try my hardest to ignore it, which usually leads to a binge. But, instead, if I get hungry, I’ll eat, always healthy though! I know that if you want to lose weight, it’s almost necessary that you need to count your calories, but it’s really really not necessary. You should try it.