I get a mini heart attack every time I walk into the Nike store.

weekends suck, eating wise.

Oh well.

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Bad Ass

I ate fairly clean today. After my nap, I had pizza waiting for me—I did indulge. 4 slices. Now, this isn’t a post cursing myself for eating pizza, pizza is fucking yummy. This is a post of me marveling at the fact that I feel. So. Damn. Lean. My biceps and triceps are sore as ever right now, but I can’t help but feel like a BAMF (bad ass mother f). Today is my stretch day, but I feel too unstoppable right now to do some measly stretches—but I get it, flexibility is good for your muscles, so I must. But I might throw in a little HIIT cardio, like the BAMF that I am.


you prevent me from doing cardio :(

the quicker I get through this workout, the quicker I get to eat.

my mindset sometimes lol.

Convo with a friend I haven’t talked to for a while, lol.

The Pain Exchange—I love this.

This is a very sad commentary that reveals what we’ve become in this country. We have the best of the best in the U.S. of A., but we hold the record for most fat people. Why do we reach for drugs, alcohol, sex, food, lies, blame, anger, hate, guilt, and self-pity far more often than power, courage, discipline, forgiveness, wisdom, and self-reliance? We’ve become a bunch of crybabies, filled with excuses, blaming everyone else for our problems!

The freedoms and conveniences we now enjoy were fought for by men and women who didn’t think twice when it came to hard work, taking risks, and failing over and over again. This generation’s selfish, lethargic, woe-is-me mentality is creating a country filled with folks who live in a constant state of quiet desperation. Our ancestors worked very hard to create a world with less stress and strife. So why are we more stressed out than ever?

The pendulum has swung way too far in the wrong direction. It’s time to stop all the bitching and moaning and wanting and wishing and hoping and dreaming. We must start to live in the real world and begin to take some responsibility for what goes on in our lives. It’s time to start exploring and searching and devoting and sharing and growing and working for what you want in this world.

It’s really a matter of right and wrong. We know the difference between the two but still fail to behave in ways that allow us to be great human beings.


Work out 
Eat healthy foods
Fail and try again 
Forgive yourself 
Be kind 
Find out what you love


Don’t work out
Eat junk
Fail and quit
Blow it off
Blame others
Be right (all the time)
Ignore your greatness

This is a short list, but I think you get the point.

The wrong list will lead you down the road of endless short-lived pleasures that result in lifelong pain, fear, and sadness. The right list (which can be hard at first) will open you up to a world filled with happiness, joy, and fulfillment.

You might want to ask yourself how history will see you after you’re gone. If you don’t like the answer today, then it might be time to do the right thing.

—Tony H.

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things that currently bother me.

  • My clothes. Nothing fits right. Today I spent a while trying to decide on what to wear, I was in rush, and I hate being rushed—so I just slipped my shorts on without even undoing the button. And, while this is great, the looseness (is that even a word) just leads me to looking bigger than I am, and I can’t help but feel like I haven’t changed at all. I do look better naked than in clothes, though, so that’s good.
  • My “look.” I was never the girly girl type, but I loved dressing up and looking nice—and I still do, but now it’s such a hassle. I used to do my hair like everyday, pick out the best clothes, put some make-up on, but now I’m just like meh. Give me some work-out clothes, some dri-fit shorts, put my hair up in a bun, and I’m out the door. If I wear make-up it’s just a measly bit of mascara. Lol, what’s going on? 
  • My attitude. I’ve just been so down lately, I don’t know why. And, on top of that, for 2 days straight I’ve woken up so fatigued—my shoulders, knees, and neck. No, it’s not soreness, it’s not pain. I just started feeling so tired all of a sudden. And, this leads me to avoid working out—which I haven’t for two days :(

And to sum it up in a gif,


normal & sweet potato fries fail. These turned into shriveled up crunchy things. Who told me I could cook? The pictures were cute though :)