ONE week of eating clean, lifting, and cardio :) yaay


Do about 20 reps for each move, complete as many sets as you want, as long as you’re keeping proper form! Also, use a pair of paper plates, if you’re on carpet, or rags if you’re on a wood or linoleum floor.

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Keep your heads up.

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Yesterday was leg day after 2 weeks of vacation, and

I cannot get up from bed. Sore is an understatement.

you got butt abs.

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I get a mini heart attack every time I walk into the Nike store.

weekends suck, eating wise.

Oh well.

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Bad Ass

I ate fairly clean today. After my nap, I had pizza waiting for me—I did indulge. 4 slices. Now, this isn’t a post cursing myself for eating pizza, pizza is fucking yummy. This is a post of me marveling at the fact that I feel. So. Damn. Lean. My biceps and triceps are sore as ever right now, but I can’t help but feel like a BAMF (bad ass mother f). Today is my stretch day, but I feel too unstoppable right now to do some measly stretches—but I get it, flexibility is good for your muscles, so I must. But I might throw in a little HIIT cardio, like the BAMF that I am.