Yesterday was leg day after 2 weeks of vacation, and

I cannot get up from bed. Sore is an understatement.

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today is leg day! Maybe I’ll incorporate some back.

proud daughter

although my mom only did the Insanity warm-up, she’s determined to go a little further tomorrow. This goes to show that if you want your family or friends to embark on this new lifestyle—don’t stop asking. One day they’ll either do a work-out with you just to shut you up, or they’ll yell at you to stop bugging them, and if that’s the case, then there isn’t more you can do. But, never stop asking. 



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The Hours- Ali in the Jungle

Anybody else with an IPhone have a fitness tab?

lunch/dinner-ish, I made this sorta, while my family was eating McDonalds, I have to say I’m pretty proud. It’s grilled chicken, broccoli, corn, and some leftover rice with water. It was yummy! My fam was looking at me so weird though, lol.

from Nike Women and Positivitees; Believe it, Achieve it, and Become it. You are your biggest motivator, don’t stop.