ONE week of eating clean, lifting, and cardio :) yaay

Healthy Shrimp Po’Boy—extremely late dinner style. This is officially crowned as the best thing I’ve ever made. So. Good.

Convo with a friend I haven’t talked to for a while, lol.

normal & sweet potato fries fail. These turned into shriveled up crunchy things. Who told me I could cook? The pictures were cute though :)



Really late lunch; I freaking love avocado spread.

Tonight’s dinner, I like my chicken with a little color and great seasoning, so that’s how it came out. Delicious, nonetheless. The potatoes were tiny so I chose two. Yum!

so I’m in charge of making dinner tonight for my entire family (YAY!), but I don’t know what to make.

breast chicken is definitely in the menu though..

Thank you guys for the brown rice help, I got it down this time :) this is dinner (kinda burned the chicken) but I haven’t mastered perfect cooking jut yet, it was still delicious I had to get some more :)