this picture makes me smile :D! April 1st-May 20th progress, I started Insanity April 22, and I just finished the first month! Bring on month two! Also, excuse the dirty mirrors :)

Insanity month 1!

I can’t believe I’ve seriously reached this milestone. Overall, month one wasn’t easy, the scale says I initially lost 7 pounds, but I weighed myself today and it says that I’ve gained 5 pounds..yet I look more toned, my stomach is tighter, and I feel overall better. Those 5 pounds must have been muscles, or water weight or something since I already had food in my belly when I weighed myself (big mistake). Anyway, the scale could suck it basically.

Week 3 of Insanity was my worst because I had just came back home from school—and I just wanted home cooked food. I was indulging in too many things, too often. But, luckily, I didn’t look much different because I kept doing the workouts despite my horrible eating. 

So, now it’s time for recovery week. Core Cardio and Balance every day for a week. It sounds easy doesn’t it? I bet it’s not! I’m really tempted to post a progress picture but ehh I don’t know.