at home leg workout: do each move for 20 seconds, followed by a 10 second rest. There is one move missing though, which is 180 degree squats (optional): four squats, do a 180 degree jump, then do 4 squats again. If you are advanced, you can do 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off EIGHT times for each move, which gets pretty intense. 

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Exercise is health.


Do about 20 reps for each move, complete as many sets as you want, as long as you’re keeping proper form! Also, use a pair of paper plates, if you’re on carpet, or rags if you’re on a wood or linoleum floor.

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Keep your heads up.

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for your buns :)

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dive bombers!


they’re called burpees with a jump, or squat thrusts without a jump. I call them burpees either way though, I have a love/hate relationship with these lol.

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When you’re feeling too tired/unmotivated.

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hydrate yourself.

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