today was a very slow day…


I finally fixed my cracked laptop screen with the help of YouTube, with just $50, when the computer technician people wanted to charge more than $200. They were insane. Anyway, I finally have my laptop back :D

ONE week of eating clean, lifting, and cardio :) yaay


You know, I thought getting transfer documents and all that stuff didn’t take such a long time. I was wrong. Getting all the documents required for studying abroad is such an ordeal. I hope, HOPE that I can get all of this done by December, so then I could start my next semester in January, which would hopefully be abroad. 

In the meantime, I’m going to have to keep taking all my classes (still in the Pre-Med curriculum) here. But, I’m sure these few months will pass by fast. I guess I was just amped about going away, and now that I’m not going anywhere, I’m kind of bummed..

finally got my muscle dust. Or, protein powder in normal people terms.

my shoulders are dead

I’ll be lucky if I can lift anything tomorrow. Gonna go grub now :D

falseperceptions replied to your postDon’t know why I’m uploading this—it’s super late,…

It happens. You just have to push yourself through it. A bad week isn’t going to knock you far behind. Don’t think of it as starting fresh but as if the other days didn’t happen. I had a bad few days in which I just stayed in my bed.
it’s been rough this week for me too :[ don’t get too down though, you got it! :D

Thank you girls. I seriously can’t wait until tomorrow and get over this week, I’m so amped weirdly. I hope this coming week is great for you two <3!

Take care of biz. You were one of the followers that motivated me to go to the gym last week, so I’m pushing you now. I’ve had a rough week also, but in the end we can let it get to us or we can brush it off and persevere.

I love those words ^

Don’t know why I’m uploading this—it’s super late, and I guess I’m just being honest with myself. You don’t have to read. I’ve been slacking this past week, no working out, no eating clean, I’ve been doing a lot of laying—on the floor, hence my large head.  I don’t know what’s going on, I start great in the mornings (afternoons, really because I don’t sleep) but then throughout the rest of the day I’m just so unmotivated to do anything—hence my absence on Tumblr, I don’t really post one thing a day new followers. HI! By the way :D But, this stops now. Tomorrow, I’m getting back on track and yeah less slacking, more doing—nobody says you have to start fresh on a Monday. If you read this, thank you, really, you are awesome. Anyone had a rough week, like me?

WOD 7/29/12

LEGS LEGS LEGS—Today was leg day, and I usually opt for P90X Legs & Back, I was a bit lazy today, so I decided to do a circuit workout of 4 leg exercises.

  • 10 sets of 10 reps of weighted squats (used dumbbells)
  • 10 sets of 10 reps of weighted calf raises, then after I did 1 set, I did 10 up tempo calf raises without touching the ground (used dumbbells)
  • 10 sets of 10 reps of walking weighted deeeeep lunges (used dumbbells)
  • Then I finished it with 50 chair step-ups, not weight, on each leg.

So, everything really adds up to 100 reps. I thought this was going to be easy, but it so wasn’t lol. I’m going to be SORE tomorrow.

156,701 plays

Another one that I can’t seem to stop replaying.

Frank Ocean| Pink Matter

my body has forgotten the need for sleep.

OK all these Olympic pictures are making me impatient.

159,345 plays

Pretty much what’s been on repeat recently.

I haven’t eaten breakfast yet

wtf is wrong with me today?

when I text people and they don’t reply

Fine, I don’t wanna talk to you anyway! 

But, ugh, I really wanted to see the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises.