i just got pranked—failure to appear for jury duty

my cousin told me he received a call about me missing jury duty this past Monday. And, I was like what? I didn’t get a letter or anything, so I was like WTF? Anyway, he gave me the number they called him from and I called it—they told me that I failed to appear for jury duty, and failing to appear was a third misdemeanor crime so I could go to jail. I was scared shitless, and my heart dropped—I was like what am I gonna do? Until the end of the call when they tell you that it’s a joke, and that you’re super gullible for believing such shit. 

LOL it was pretty funny at the end though. 

Here’s the number if you wanna prank your friends: (704) 319-7254


currently stalking the ‘medical student’ and the ‘residency’ tags on tumblr as an insight, sort of, to the lives—or lack of lives, of medical students. I’m planning on studying medicine abroad, this September, and quite frankly, I’m scared shitless. Believe it or not, I’m not so scared of the amount of work I’m going to have to be doing, but rather, of….the unknown. That’s really what I’m afraid of, I don’t know what to expect, I’ll be around new people…I just hope this works out..

Back from vacation—hi new followers!

So much fun! I definitely enjoyed my time away. Now, back to business. I have to say for two weeks of eating really unhealthy and not exercising, I don’t look that much different. My body hasn’t changed all that much, but my endurance and strength probably suffered a whole lot. Not looking forward to finding out how weak I am….

Anyways, new followers,

what’s up?

weekends suck, eating wise.

Oh well.



  • Fitspo promotes orthorexia and overexercising (just the way pro ana promotes anorexia nervosa)
  • Fitspo encourages an unhealthy body image instead of self-confidence
  • Fitspo “goals” are unrealistic, stupid and thoughtless

This seems to me as a method justifying that eating disorders are equivalent to being fit/healthy. Those blogs that have all this “Get rid of muffin top”, “For the thigh gap”, “For the collarbones”, are NOT, I repeat NOT fitness blogs. Now, for the blogs that promote fitness—without eating disorder tendencies, and speaking for myself as well, orthorexia is out of the question. We eat healthy, and sometimes we don’t. Annnd then, we get over it. I only exercise an hour or so a day, and I’m sure other fitblrs do too, so how exactly is that overexercising if there’s 24 hours in a day? Moving on, how does fitspo exactly encourage “unhealthy body images”? If you don’t love yourself before you start losing weight, you’re not gonna love yourself after. Issues don’t just magically disappear after losing weight. That’s not the way it works. I don’t know about other people’s goals, but my goals are realistic, and I will achieve them. It just seems to me like you’re following the wrong “fitspo” blogs. It sucks that fitspo is now being blended with thinspo, as well.

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Bad Ass

I ate fairly clean today. After my nap, I had pizza waiting for me—I did indulge. 4 slices. Now, this isn’t a post cursing myself for eating pizza, pizza is fucking yummy. This is a post of me marveling at the fact that I feel. So. Damn. Lean. My biceps and triceps are sore as ever right now, but I can’t help but feel like a BAMF (bad ass mother f). Today is my stretch day, but I feel too unstoppable right now to do some measly stretches—but I get it, flexibility is good for your muscles, so I must. But I might throw in a little HIIT cardio, like the BAMF that I am.


you prevent me from doing cardio :(

SO in an attempt to be “more girly,” as my mom puts it,

I did my hair—just now. Blow dried, flat ironed, everything, the whole nine yards.  And, now, I realize that I haven’t worked out yet. Meaning I’m probably gonna sweat, and this hair of mine is gonna go back to it’s untamed ways. So, mom…

the quicker I get through this workout, the quicker I get to eat.

my mindset sometimes lol.

Convo with a friend I haven’t talked to for a while, lol.

avocado, banana, and spinach smoothie sounds very mouth-watering right now.

Perhaps I should get off my arse and make one. Perhaps not. 

according to this Beachbody calculator, my body fat % is 17, meaning I am now in the athlete body fat classification.

saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay WHAT?! But, just to make sure I’m buying a body fat caliper. 


My mom constantly complains about how much weight she needs to lose and when she actually chooses to exercise she does cardio for 10 minutes and then spends the rest of her time doing abdominal exercises. How are you possibly going to lose weight like that? I mean sure, your abs might be tight, but you can’t actually SEE them if you dont lose the fat—with freaking cardio.
This applies to a lot of people, not just my mom. They spend dayyyyyyys complaining about how they look in the mirror, and when it comes time to do WORK—all the “ambition” they had before disappears.

completely forgot to watch True Blood tonight.

bouts ta watch it nao.