ONE week of eating clean, lifting, and cardio :) yaay

this picture makes me smile :D! April 1st-May 20th progress, I started Insanity April 22, and I just finished the first month! Bring on month two! Also, excuse the dirty mirrors :)

oh, hey arms..

you’re looking fairly bigger today, and I don’t even lift weights! No complaints :)

excuse the dirty mirror and tummy.

not too confident about putting this up here. I think it has definitely come time for a progress picture—this is moi. I’m 5’6, in the before I was at around 170, roughly, and now I’m at around 158-160, since I’ve given up weighing myself because the scale and I have a hostile relationship. This is now how I’m tracking my progress :)

My boobies were all juicy before can’t ya see?! And now they’re all itty bitty, I chose to cover them :/