• Fitspo promotes orthorexia and overexercising (just the way pro ana promotes anorexia nervosa)
  • Fitspo encourages an unhealthy body image instead of self-confidence
  • Fitspo “goals” are unrealistic, stupid and thoughtless

This seems to me as a method justifying that eating disorders are equivalent to being fit/healthy. Those blogs that have all this “Get rid of muffin top”, “For the thigh gap”, “For the collarbones”, are NOT, I repeat NOT fitness blogs. Now, for the blogs that promote fitness—without eating disorder tendencies, and speaking for myself as well, orthorexia is out of the question. We eat healthy, and sometimes we don’t. Annnd then, we get over it. I only exercise an hour or so a day, and I’m sure other fitblrs do too, so how exactly is that overexercising if there’s 24 hours in a day? Moving on, how does fitspo exactly encourage “unhealthy body images”? If you don’t love yourself before you start losing weight, you’re not gonna love yourself after. Issues don’t just magically disappear after losing weight. That’s not the way it works. I don’t know about other people’s goals, but my goals are realistic, and I will achieve them. It just seems to me like you’re following the wrong “fitspo” blogs. It sucks that fitspo is now being blended with thinspo, as well.

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My mom constantly complains about how much weight she needs to lose and when she actually chooses to exercise she does cardio for 10 minutes and then spends the rest of her time doing abdominal exercises. How are you possibly going to lose weight like that? I mean sure, your abs might be tight, but you can’t actually SEE them if you dont lose the fat—with freaking cardio.
This applies to a lot of people, not just my mom. They spend dayyyyyyys complaining about how they look in the mirror, and when it comes time to do WORK—all the “ambition” they had before disappears.

Every time I see a before and after,

In the “after” picture, the girl always looks great, and looks to be at a healthy weight range. Yet, there’s always—always—that “I still want to lose some more weight though,” or “just five more pounds.” After seeing this time, and time again it’s really really starting to bother me because these girls look fine the way they are. I guess it has to do with their own body image, and the fact that they may have thought that losing weight may make them happier. If you don’t love your body before the weight loss, what makes you think you’ll love it after?